Multisectorial contra la fractura hidraulica de Neuquen

BUSCAMOS ampliar la discusión de para quién y para qué se explota y consume petróleo.

[ Lo extraído en Argentina no apunta justamente a satisfacer el acceso universal a la energía de la población ]

EXIGIMOS al Gobierno Provincial de Neuquén y a las empresas presentes en el área, el retiro y remediación ambiental del impacto causado; y prohibir la actividad hidrocarburífera tanto convencional como no convencional en el área Natural Protegida.

RECLAMAMOS al Gobierno Provincial que haga efectiva una política de conservación a perpetuidad de las áreas Naturales Protegidas, a través del reglamento de la Ley 2594, que las regula y debía ser reglamentada antes de diciembre de 2008, es decir, lleva seis años cajoneada por el Ejecutivo provincial.


The ANP Auca Mahuida is one of the largest areas of mammalian diversity throughout the Patagonian steppe. Its fauna is extremely rich and includes species that have disappeared or are very rare in other parts of the province.
The presence of guanaco stands out, as it is one of the largest populations in the province; as well as cougars, red and gray foxes, wild cats and grassland, common Patagonian ferrets, skunks, hares, armadillo, hairy chinchillones. As well as dozens of birds like the choique and the condor. Because of its avian diversity, this location has been declared an Area of ​​Importance for the Conservation of Birds, a global initiative carried out by BirdLife International and Aves Argentinas.
From the floristic standpoint, this reserve protects samples of the shrub steppe forest – this kind of fauna is only found in Argentina and has little safeguards, Patagonian grasslands district Payunia and Andean floristic elements.
Also, the Auca Mahuida Hill is a mythological-ritual-ceremonial site for Mapuche natives and settlers. There are several archaeological sites, where you can find petroglyphs and rock paintings. Lastly, there are residents on the reservation as well as stallholders; and about nine families have engaged in goat farming.

What is Multisectorial Against hydro-fracturing of Neuquén?

It is a collective made ​​up of different organizations, Confederation Mapuce, political parties, trade unions, NGOs and individuals. It aims to inform, communicate and report the advancement of the application of the technique of hydro-fracturing in unconventional hydrocarbon extraction and its effects on the environment, the ecosystem and all life.

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  • As a Natural Protected Area, the State has the obligation to protect in perpetuity the biodiversity of 77,000 hectares, 120,000 if the Management Plan is approved, all part of Auca Mahuida. Contrary to this, currently there are 11 hydrocarbon concessions directly affecting Auca Mahuida. It is important to note that the regulation and control of industry by the workers is prevented by pressure from the government and businesses. An example of this is that the four technicians were indicted upon the request of French company Total, as were political officials who opposed an unconventional fracking well in the area.
  • In addition to the significant environmental liabilities left by the conventional oil industry, the current expansion of the hydrocarbon boundary also affects the area directly. Located in the heart of the Vaca Muerta formation, Auca Mahuida is subject to strong penetration promoted by the oil industry over our territories, and property rights for the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons. Thus, the company Total already fracked a well in the area. For its part, Shell has drilled five wells with the same technique in the vicinity of ANP and also ExxonMobil is present and drilling.
  • We believe that requiring provincial legislation to be enforced and oil exploration to be banned in the Natural Protected Area Auca Mahuida is a minimal but critical step to prevent transnational businesses—accompanied by national and provincial governments—from subjugating the legal framework, countering our environmental sovereignty and right to self-management of our natural and cultural heritage.


Documents, files and videos about the impact of the oil industry in Auca Mahuida and other protected areas.



How to join the campaign

To ban oil exploration in Auca Mahuida, we challenged both the Provincial Government and companies present in the area.

en Avaaz como persona u organización, al comunicado a través del cual exponemos el motivo de nuestra campaña y las exigencias que con ella hacemos.
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Al gobernador de Neuquén, Jorge Sapag, en donde exigimos que se reglamente la Ley 2594 sobre Áreas Naturales Protegidas, y apruebe el Plan de Manejo de Auca Mahuida. Clic aquí >
dirigida a los Legisladores de la Provincia de Neuquén, solicitando la creación y aprobación de un proyecto de ley que prohíba la actividad hidrocarburífera en Áreas Protegidas.Clic aquí >
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